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Commodities Rally to Highest in Six Weeks on Ukraine

(Bloomberg) Commodities climbed to the highest level in almost six weeks on concern that tension between Russia and Ukraine will curb supplies of nickel to wheat.

The Standard & Poor’s GSCI gauge of 24 raw materials rose as much as 0.8 percent to 657.2232, the highest since March 4, and was at 653.659 at 12:08 p.m. in London. Nickel increased as much as 2.8 and palladium rose to the highest since ...
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Billionaire’s Quest to Reinvent Agriculture

(Forbes) On one of the windiest days in recent memory Harry Stine, the richest man in Iowa, cranes his neck to examine the elevator shaft inside the 110-foot steel observation tower next to his garage. “The cables look awfully frayed. Who knows if it will last one more time?” he chuckles. Nonetheless, we hop into the elevator cab, he flips the switch to get it moving, and up we go as the ... << MORE >>

Picture of the Week: New Brownton, MN Elevator

Pictured below is the new Brownton Elevator in the city of Brownton, MN. Completed in 2012, this site has a total holding capacity of 3.6 million bushels and can dump 80,000 bushels of grain per hour with its four receiving pits. Positioned on the Twin Cities and Western rail line the elevator has service to three railroads, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canadian Pacific, and Union Pacific. This mammoth facility will provide local farmers with the opportunity for more competitive corn prices and expand crop transportation infrastructure in Minnesota.

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USDA Weekly Exports: Wheat Sales Hit Marketing Year Low

U.S. wheat sales declined sharply reaching a marketing year low and have declined nine out of the last ten weeks. Wheat exports increased slightly from the past week. Corn sales and export levels declined, but reported levels are well above those seen in 2013 and 2012.

Soybean sales increased slightly and have been on the rebound following the marketing year low reported for the week ending March 20th. Soybean exports increased for only the third time in the ...
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China, Brazil Sign Corn-Supply Deal

(WSJ) China said Tuesday it will allow sizable imports of Brazilian corn, marking another step in the Asian giant's moves to lessen its dependence on the U.S. for the vital grain.

The U.S. supplies more than 90% of China's corn imports, but its share of the world's fastest-growing corn market has been pared down as Beijing has sought in the last two years to broaden its ...
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WASDE: Exports Lower Corn and Soybean Stocks

The acceleration of U.S. soybean exports has put pressure on an already depleted stocks situation. The 2014 soybean stocks-to-use ratio has dropped from 4.4% in March to 4.0% this month. The estimated record Brazilian soybean crop was expected to take pressure off the U.S., but the drought that has plagued South America decreased production estimates for the largest soybean producer in the world. A supply relief is expected later in the year due to the ... << MORE >>

Brazil Soybean Exports Seen by Oil World Falling in April

(Bloomberg) Soybean exports from Brazil are forecast to fall this month after China canceled purchases, the first time in 10 years shipments in April will fall short of deliveries in March, industry researcher Oil World said.

Brazil may ship 5.5 million metric tons of soybeans in April from 6.23 million tons in March, Hamburg-based Oil World wrote in an e-mailed report today. That compares with 7.15 million tons in April 2013, up from 3.54 million tons ...
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Ethanol, Railroad Groups Clash Over Shipment Snarls

(WSJ) U.S. ethanol and railroad industry groups clashed Thursday over transportation constraints that have triggered soaring prices for the biofuel in recent weeks.

Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen said in a letter to the Association of American Railroads that the "sheer chaos" of the rail system has pushed up prices for ethanol—a corn-based biofuel that is blended into gasoline—and caused consumers to pay more at the pump. The higher costs, he argued, have damaged the image of the ...
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Midwest Region of US Boasts Photosynthetic Activity

(PrecisionPays) Data from satellite sensors show that during the Northern Hemisphere’s growing season, the Midwest region of the United States boasts more photosynthetic activity than any other spot on Earth, according to NASA and university scientists.

Recent research from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., demonstrated that fluorescence from plants could be teased out of data from existing satellites, and a new study used the data for the first time to ...
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Picture of the Week: Frozen Ground Prevents Ideal Planting Conditions

This winter the Midwest saw record snowfall and cold temperatures recorded in cities across the US, but it is supposedly coming to an end. The spring equinox was officially March 20th of this year, but if you were to ask residents of the northern Corn Belt they would probably disagree with you. Cold weather and snow has persisted through much of March leaving farmers wondering if their 2014 planting season will again be delayed.

The first shows the expected ground temperatures for the months of April, May, and June. As you can see all of Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin are expected to have below average soil temps during these months.

The second picture shows the average soil temperature from March 16th through the 22nd. The ground is still frozen in much of the Corn Belt with little to no area suitable for corn development. Though it is early, the ground thaw being behind schedule will only make the already tight window for planting even tighter.

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